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National body set to ring the changes in NBL reform

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National body set to ring the changes in NBL reform Empty National body set to ring the changes in NBL reform

Post by Stocky on Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:32 pm

BASKETBALL Australia is considering a number of rule changes, including shortening quarters to 10 minutes, as part of its forthcoming reform of the National Basketball League.

If introduced, the new rules would bring the NBL in line with the International Federation of Basketball — FIBA — regulations that are set to be formalised at the end of the year.

Ten-minute quarters are currently used in international competition, and are the FIBA standard, although the NBA still plays 12-minute terms.

The other proposed changes include extending the length of the three-point line, so that it will be about 45 centimetres back from the top of the free-throw circle, as opposed to now where it is only six centimetres back, to make three-point shooting a much more specialised area of the game.

There is also discussion about introducing a "no-charge zone" under the basket, to discourage the attacking team's tall players from standing under the ring attempting to draw the foul, thus freeing that space up for players to drive to the ring in the hope of encouraging a more free-flowing game.

The final change would be to straighten the lines on either side of the key, so that it is the same shape as the keys used in the NBA.

The rule changes are being considered as Basketball Australia conducts its comprehensive reform of the national league ahead of next season, which is set to begin in October.

The national basketball body is also set to announce a comprehensive rebranding of all its operations on Tuesday at Federation Square.

The rebranding will cover every aspect of Basketball Australia's operations, from BA itself through to the state and local basketball associations.

BA will also use Tuesday's event to announce its new chief executive, who will replace current boss Scott Derwin, who announced his intention to stand aside last December.

Tuesday's announcements will be accompanied by an attempt to set a world record for the number of people dribbling basketballs simultaneously. The record, set in the UK, stands at 1289. Tuesday's attempt will begin at Federation Square at 12.30pm.

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