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"From The Middle" Rules Empty "From The Middle" Rules

Post by MichaelSlaming on Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:47 pm

1) No language towards any of our other members and no racial threats etc...... This forum means debating, arguing and especially talking so lets keep it at that.

2) Racism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If someone is offended by an issue of racism, please contact a moderator or administrator immediately.

3) No rude or pictures of other members are not to be used as your avatar or signature. This is mainly aimed at pictures of excessive nudity, but may incorporate other pictures too.

4) Abuse towards any of over Admin or Moderator team will be taken very seriously and will not be tolerated at all. Carrying on the abuse will just land you in bigger trouble so we suggest you do not do this.

5) The censor in this forum is quite lenient at present, but swearing just because you can will see the censor tightened and the offender banned.

6) Any news stories that you post on the forum will need a link (Source) to prove that the story is true. Any stories that other members have not heard of and is hard to believe if doesn't have an source will be deleted, a talking to the member will be necessary at that time.

7) We do not like alts on this site and this will be taken very seriously. this may include an IP ban if 2 or more accounts are made from the same person.

If you have a brother, cousin etc..... that uses the same computer as you it will be grateful if you make one of our admin team aware that this is happening or we may be suspicious.

Last of all, have fun on the forums, the rules are there to protect people, and if they are adhered to, there will be no problems. This forum is quite lenient, but will by no means allow inappropriate conduct by any member to slide.

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